Woman Sleeping

Get Restful Sleep

Getting restful sleep plays an important role in our health. If we are not getting adequate sleep at night our bodies cannot heal. When we sleep our bodies go into parasympathetic mode, also known as "rest and digest". During this time our bodies heal and recover from injury and also helps to "reset" our minds and internal systems. Improper sleep patterns can lead to a weakened immune system, digestive imbalances, difficulty recovering from high pain levels, and other complications. 


Acupuncture helps with sleep by sending neural signals to our brain to release neurotransmitters that help our bodies go into parasympathetic mode. This allows us to physically and mentally relax so that we can sleep more restfully throughout the night.

Acupuncture works in an accumulative effect, much like Chiropractic or Physical Therapy. Repeat treatments maintain this neural response; reminding the body to maintain and re-establish a normal signal to the brain. This is why repeat treatments of acupuncture are needed for a period of time to get the full benefits. This mechanism is especially important for the treatment of pain but also applies to any other condition as well.