Treatment Methods

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Acupuncture & Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point acupuncture is a technique used to treat myofascial pains. This technique is a form of Sports or Orthopedic Acupuncture that aims to focus on needling muscle tissue to restore function and speed up recovery. Other terms commonly used for this method include dry needling, trigger point therapy, motor point therapy, and intramuscular needling.


Electro-Acupuncture accesses the neuro-endocrine intelligence your body contains to help it heal faster and with more lasting effects. It's effect creates a response to the endogenous opioid peptides in the central nervous system playing an essential role in mediating the analgesic effect (pain relieving). The result is a maximum therapeutic effect.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs simultaneously treat and strengthen the body. This dual action is something unique to herbal medicine that makes it very well suited in treating many types of conditions. They rectify deficiencies and/or weaknesses in the body and organ systems. The nourishment herbal formulas provide help aid in a restorative effect. These formulations may be an additional regimen prescribed by a board certified clinical herbalist.

Nutritional Supplementation

Whole food organic nutritional supplementation can help treat various digestive imbalances and also promote general wellness. Food is medicine. When we don’t get enough nutritional value in our food source we need supplementation to help with certain conditions that require additional nourishment.

“All Disease Begins in The Gut.” – Hippocrates




Cupping is used to relieve stiff muscles, headaches, cough/asthma, back and neck pains. It is especially useful for athlete's to relieve muscle spasms and post-workout soreness. The cup draws up the skin surface to loosen the myofascial tissue, encourage blood flow, and remove toxins in the tissue.

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Gua Sha


Gua sha is a therapy originating from Chinese Medicine that involves a harmless “scrapping” technique to release myofascial adhesion in localized tissue. Adhesion build-up in the tissue can limit range of motion and restrict proper movements.



Percussive muscle massage is a deep, intense stimulation of the muscle. It increases blood flow to a specific muscle area, which can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension and break up those pesky knots that seem to linger. Percussive therapy is also used to help prevent or relieve muscle soreness while circulating out lactic acid build-up after an intense workout.

Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy

We use all natural, safe, non-pharmaceutical solutions in our acupuncture injections. The solutions heal, improve mobility, and increase functional capacity to the local tissue site. They replace, strengthen, protect and build the musculoskeletal structure of the collagen fibers, which are present in cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules. This provides a mechanical support to the area involved and treats any kind of PAIN at the source of the problem.